Yantarni Salmon Camp

Yantarni Salmon Camp

The Yantarni Salmon Camp is a wilderness tent camp 125 miles south of King Salmon and is an experience and trip distinct from the fine lodging and fly out trip offered at Crystal Creek Lodge. A trip to Yantarni is for hard-core fishing enthusiasts seeking a high-volume wilderness Alaska Silver Salmon fishing experience. Days can pass without hearing the sound of an aircraft and the only fishing competition is from your fellow campmates.

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There is also a unique web page for the Yantarni Salmon Camp: www.yantarni.com. Please visit it.

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Salmon Camp + Crystal Creek Lodge

While the five and seven day trips to Yantarni Salmon Camp trip are distinct from the four and seven day trips offered at Crystal Creek Lodge, a trip to Yantarni can be booked in conjunction with a trip to Crystal Creek Lodge as a combination of time at Crystal Creek Lodge and time at Yantarni.

For further information about Yanarni Salmon Camp please visit the unique web site at: www.yantarni.com

I opened the Yantarni camp 30 years ago. It is without a doubt one of the most amazing places in Alaska. Incredible is the word I use most often to describe it. Mike (Dan) took a great thing and made it better with the camp improvements and the Mules.

Bill M.
Anchorage, AK